FIFA to 10 different test goal line technology

In February on this year, FIFA to 10 different test goal line technology, nevertheless they also did not match the requirements of Cheap FIFA 14 Coins.Recently introduced on the gridiron “eagle eye” comes into focus again, has always insisted “error is part soccer” FIFA will sit. 3rd Welsh 125th organized with the International Football Association Board (IFAB) general meeting, shareholders unanimously decided upon portal technology experiment to do further research. Subsequently issued a statement saying FIFA will discuss again in July 2012 if they should say yes to utilize the goal-line technology, and before that, are going to implemented inside a two-stage test goal line technology again.

This heavy Kai of test is divided into two a stage, first stage is this fact year September to December, this during will with a separate from research institutions in for 24 hours Pan light lamp lighting of conditions Xia for test, requirements is scoring indicator can judgment various style of shooting is network, which, free kick shooting of recognition of to reached 100%; static and dynamic precision detection are to reached 90% correctly recognition rate.

Even though this home elevators to referee’s wristlet. The 2nd stage is from March to June of next year, goal line technology will be in a number of competitions testing environment, site conditions and varying weather condotions.Within the past week, two round game against Barcelona inside Champions League with Real Madrid, in between there is a huangjiashehui game. This kind of high density of events, people focused on Barcelona thin first-team squad.

Fortunately early today with Real Madrid following your game, most players took part inside the training. But Messi because of lack of muscle discomfort.Furthermore, the playing ban over Pepe and Mourinho, the game play of Zhongwei Ramos and in addition because within this field get a yellow card and will also be suspended for game. Ramos was at the 53rd minute as being the match against Massey fouls and get a yellow card. Ramos suspended for on the web after Real Madrid were built with a certain impact, but alternatively, its role is usually filled, as the competition in Camp Nou,

Carvalho entries and Arbeloa played Beck no worries.Stark was born on November 20, 1969 in Germany Landshut. In 2010, he had the police over Real Madrid’s away game against Lyon in the Champions League final, one-eighth.Buy FIFA 14 Coins here is the first option.The match, stark loupan Lyon player Yoann Gourcuff’s apparent handball, which help real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho very angry. Mourinho said at the news conference following your game: “I was so angry that referees should understand the shootout, because incidents took place just 5 metres far from referee and Assistant Referee. All of us saw the handball, only two referees 4 eyes see. “ $^*^&Z*(fhj478@



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