Higher tiers of lower leveled items should have more advantages between the tiers

Basically, it becomes near impossible to come up with the greater level tier drops along with the highest tier associated with an item might have only one/range in each one of Rs 07 Gold as a result of odds of getting hired.Item tiers may be a good way of juicing up old content. Item tiers would basically be normal, elite, pristine, etc. A fantastic test should be to try item tiers by incorporating items (newly released content) to see the way the community reacts. The very first time that is tried, those things higher tiers should have only a slight edge over the reduced tiers.

Players with large amounts of expendable cash will cover higher tiers nevertheless the advantage will probably be small, hence the normal drops of your item will still be very valuable for players who dont care about the larger versions (e.g. likelihood of normal drop 1:5,000, odds of elite drop 1:500,000, odds of pristine drop 1:50,000,000, etc) The percentages must be reworked, but something like that. If the is useful, it might expand on the old equipment containing fallen to the wayside. This may help lower level players by providing them rewards (albeit at nearly impossible odds) that can carry some value for collectors/pures.

Higher tiers of lower leveled items should have more advantages between the tiers. A Pristine Bronze platebody could have the same stats to be a normal Rune Platebody, but with lower level requirements. Drops wouldn’t be the only method of obtaining these products either, it is possible to craft/smith/fletch/etc them (again at incredibly difficult odds). For sure monsters which have been no longer hunted, tiers can provide a bonus to revisit them. Dragon equipment would make a fantastic candidate for tiers for higher level players and may stick them back on par with elite level equipment.Not all equipment could have tiers, just certain ones – so probably no tiered godswords, etc. Also, these kinds of updates could probably be considered minor – in order that they might be released as hidden updates or as bonus 07 Rs Gold updates in addition to new content. ##wsxyuie69

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