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1. Don’t draw first blood and obtain a new player Killer Symbol above your face if you do not are able to lose all of your items.
2. You might maintain 3 most valuable items – based on country store value – without having the symbol when you die.
3. Your equipment costs should certainly kept to begin with as a result of all of those other expenses in PKing like potions, runes, arrows and food.
4. Out-eating the opponent is the most basic strategy hanging around and when you come across someone rich in food you need to simply avoid him.
5. Remember to always go for the fast kills for anyone who is from it for the money. Nevertheless, you’ll need food to really make it around and it is sharks that offer most bangs for the bucks if you’re a member, otherwise you must hope lobsters.

1. Earning Potential (EP) would increase every half-hour you may spend over a PvP world beyond a secure zone; in hot zones, the increase rate is no less than 15% every half-hour.
2. Hot zones would increase player’s earning potential by 25% every half an hour. If you were not in the hot zone, your potential would rise 10% every a half-hour that has a more 40% only.
3. Members needed to be carrying leastways 75,000 coins (75k) valuation on items on them for his or her “good” drop possibility to increase, while free users only needed 25,000 coins (25k) worth on them.
4. One more drop has a mix of this items: Items the ball player had with them them to lost, consumables, most regular items that are certainly not “boss monster drops” and Ancient artefacts.
5. Most likely, the products dropped were normal items, such as weapons and armour from non-PvP worlds. However, in rare cases, special PvP-only drops such as Corrupt dragon equipment, and Brawling gloves could well be dropped should the player you killed was risking a lot.

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