They are available in two fetching varieties

Around the Squeal of Fortune a few days ago in RS Powerleveling offers increased chances to grab Pendants of Skill: new wearable items helping you to earn up to and including 3x XP boost for just a specific skill. They are available in two fetching varieties: Pendants of Skill and also the even juicier Prized Pendants of Skill. Pendants of Skill double XP earned in their associated skill, around an amount of bonus XP equal to a big XP lamp.

In case you’re really lucky, you could grab yourself a Prized Pendant of Skill that may triple the pace you might earn XP when worn, for as much bonus XP when you’d get in a large XP lamp.The volume of bonus XP each pendant contains relies on the higher level of your relevant skill if you claimed them. Once these pendants are exhausted, they will degrade which enable it to be put as being a nice cosmetic keepsake. The pendants will be provided by tomorrow, only through the Squeal of Fortune.

As Yelps is feeling particularly generous, anyone who spins earlier this week will have a greater probability of bagging one! From Friday 27th to Monday 30th inclusive (GMT) Pendants of Skill are in Common slots and Prized Pendants of Skill in Uncommon slots. Next weekend Pendants of Skill go on to Uncommon and Prized Pendants of Skill proceed to Rare slots, so get spinning earlier this week!Don’t forget that members get two daily spins rather then one, so subscribing can be a sound method to double your chances to win daily. Have a look at our Squeal of Fortune wiki page to get more techniques for finding extra spins.Good luck! *98ehg45

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