As befitting a quest involving a troubadour along with a holy choir

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To complicate matters, a wandering troubadour has set up camp outside of the abbey, despite the order’s rules forbidding secular music. It’s your responsibility to locate the abbey’s secrets in order to find the killer.

As befitting a quest involving a troubadour along with a holy choir, sound and music play a prominent role in a single Piercing Note. The music activity is woven in the story, and includes recordings of real musicians and singers. Furthermore, in a very first for RuneScape, all NPC dialogue will likely be voice-acted. So, turn your speakers on and enjoy our latest all-singing, all-dancing quest!

Requirements for One Piercing Note:Higher-level players who own god books can return after the quest after a whole new activity requiring level 60 in Prayer and Crafting.Wilderness Graphical UpdatesLast, but not least, we’re intending on reworking large parts of the Wilderness graphics.

For instance ,:Many landmark locations including: the King Black Dragon’s lair, teleport obelisks, the Mage Arena along with the Agility training area.New lava environments.A better frame rate; reducing PK issues, not exacerbating them!

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