You’ll be able to get these materials totally free until all gold

On May 6,  announced the news of holding our 15th drop party by the end of May in old school server. Every one of the fans get excited with this particular news and so they cannot wait to grab free runescape gold and items. Today let’s say in more detail what valuable items you could possibly get in this particular event!May 2013 Drop Party (the 15th Drop party) will probably be started at 03:00 AM on May 30, 2013 GMT. On this Drop Party, we are going to drop amounts of free old school RS gold and items, including some valuable items, inside a specific place and time in runescape.

You’ll be able to get these materials totally free until all gold and items are empty. The things we’re going to drop are whip, rune items, dragon items, runes, logs, food, along with other materials for skills training. Follow our news, facebook and newsletter for the specific place of this drop party.Now since the OldScape blowing, this site offers the cheapest 2007 rs gold, items and quest helper. runescapegoldfast have various of 2007 rs item on hot sale, and you may certainly find what you require to your skill training or quests.

As an experienced RS products server, we ensure secure and cheapest 2007 rs items with quick delivery! So grab your items now! Easy your OldScape life now!Want free OSRS whip along with other valuable items? Want numbers of free old rs gold without payment? Just enjoy 15th drop party on May 30, you may be treated! Want to be the first one to are aware of the drop party place? Remember to follow our facebook event to the timely info about this big giveaway event! *98iuh16

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