This really is intended to be Simply for fun

It’s probably been postulated several times in several areas and could be better worthy someplace else but I’d choose to put this thread here buy runescape gold anyway.

We have seen many quests that I’ve completed over the years that I’d enjoy playing again because these folks were fun or has a great story in their mind. Just as in the Goblin quests, I remember being so freaked out when I thought Zanik died and that i was waiting forever for the following quest because I want to to end that…saga. (Nearly confident that that’s the correct word but I’m saying it anyway lol)

So, I encourage every one of the people who see this thread to provide their honest opinion and when they support this idea, say what quests you’d prefer to re-play.

Note: This really is intended to be Simply for fun. I’m not suggesting that we receive the same rewards that any of us did if we first did the quests because that’d be described as a bit silly many people feel…but maybe for the people that did complete those quests BEFORE the Squeal of Fortune was released might possibly get the spins that they’re now struggle to receive unlike the members who are at the moment questing.

Note 2: Also I’m asking until this doesn’t effect to be able to wear the quest cape. Which means that you don’t should re-do any with the quests when you don’t desire to as well as have zero negative effect. *95pjijl6


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