I sincerely hope that jagex pulls them self together

This coming year we had 4quests and 2 reworks. We where told that quite a few content was held back/slowed up due to RS 3. Yet the update schedule after 2007 runescape accounts will not be very impresive.Whenever they said at runefest that this 200th quest would have been a big elf quest i became hopefull. But with the current rate it will eventually first happen in 2-3years.

Several reasons i play RS would be the fun and lore rich quests. Which seem to have been extremly low in quantity this season and also to some degree even during quality (birth right from the dwarfs). I sincerely hope that jagex pulls them self together and draw out more quests since the current rate is not acceptable.

As a result of RF hints my business is tempted to buy gold membership, but with no decent quantity of quests i see no reason to do so.Big Elf quest means Seren quest? For me personally works perfectly eheh.I would love when they introduce more Seren on runescape gold, I’m a “follower” of seren and that i need seren armour, no elf cosmetic costume.

That you are right, actually I believed I’d have many quests to try and do as i go back yesterday from prior to the RS3 was set here, and I saw 1 new f2p quest and if there was clearly others I didn’t noticed.There should be a tough f2p quest, else what’s the located on f2p? Dragonstone for 60M at ge with no propouse? I’m sure not. *95pjijl6

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