I do believe the biggest reason that there exists

In the future world events i am hoping there’ll be a method available which makes the outcomes more even such as the Guthix portal in castle wars. There should be a maximum difference between the 2 07 rs gold teams.

I do believe the biggest reason that there exists this type of large gap between Armadyl and Bandos isn’t because everyone prefers Armadyl, one other actually as i have noticed quite a few rant threads and petition threads to save lots of him, the main reason would be that the many the ball player base is to be hones lazy and feel it truly is safer to join the side which is currently winning.

As Armadyl have been winning since day 1, any new players joining the globe event wont offer a rethink to joining him and forsaking Bandos to die.If there was clearly a cap around the difference of teams then future world events is going to be funner and much more competitive. Hopefully Jagex will discover this and wind up agreeing with me.

That might be great and many types of whether it was like castle wars, in which the outcome only mattered within the level of tickets you have. With having something as drastic because the death of the God as well on the sorts, it becomes unfair to consider somebody who is specialized in a God, and set them alternatively God’s side even though there was an uneven quantity of players on either side.

Then you would have players looking to sabotage the side they don’t strive to be on and you also’d have solution to many cheap rs gold people upset. By way of example, with this particular world event, had i been placed into your Bandos army, i wouldn’t have earned any renown and wouldn’t help the convoys out at all. I would not like Bandos and i also want Armadyl to win. *95pjijl6

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