So people will just disable PvP because they’re getting piled otherwise

Dear jagex, I enjoy the 07 rs gold world event, but I think it will die immediately. Unlike previous war, numbers matter a good deal, due to piling, over healing and continuous technique disruptor rod.Please provide us with the possibility to have a single way pvp like implemented from the wilderness. When you don’t do this, PvP would have been a hell for that minority. So people will just disable PvP because they’re getting piled otherwise. At last that could imply the PvP aspect dies.

Mass healing, should you’re alone plus the opponent has multiple people, killing the convoy ‘s almost impossible, especially when there’s another golem. I would recommend balancing this out by decreasing the healing power the harder people you will discover.Then finally the disruptor rod, or earn money call it: the troll rod. It’s funny to work with and may be tactical. In case you’re alone vs 2people while someone is healing as well as the other is disruption you all any time, there is absolutely no tactic and yes it removes the fun. I propose that when you’re disrupted the face cannot disrupt you again until he disrupts other people or waits an increased time frame. This could make sure that you’re not targeted.

It’s your responsibility what we do with one of these suggestions, but the are really the problems. In order to keep the battle excitin You might want to do something about these problems. The battle is decided, we realize that, but keep it enjoyable.Hey @AceAmerican, you’re right so it wouldn’t be fair either in the event the anyone could win against 5 people, but that’s also my point, I do believe until this world event is too much about numbers. After all, thinking about the fact armadyl leads about double the amount points Bandos has… which means there are 2 armadyl supporters for every Bandos supporter rs gold.

Considering the fact that killing convoys is amongst the few ways to get metal fragments (beside skirmishes which might be even more rare), I don’t think it’s fair that Bandos has less possiblity to get these fragments. That’s why I believe that numbers shouldn’t suggest that they can win, just as previous war (making it possible to fit everything in no matter the numbers). So after thinking a bit, It could be better to take away the entire healing fact, or allowing people to get HP xp other ways (without influencing the chances of one other group).

Concerning the single way PvP aspect, I do believe you’re entirely wrong there. Those who like multi-way PvP can continue to fight those that have multi-way PvP, just like in wilderness. I believe that it could well be benefical if players who both like 1v1 fights can enable it so. There are tons of folks that want to 1v1 (I constantly see messages of folks asking to never attack one other guy while he’s solo’ing him). But Furthermore be aware that other folks like clan/group-fighting, that’s why I would like a method such as the wilderness.

I’m not complaining which the game seriously isn’t giving me the stuff I’d prefer, I’m giving suggestions. As I notice now, the world event is making numbers (of people) a lot more important, knowning that’s only after 5-6 days of content, imagine this over 5-6 weeks… I’m able to only see this becoming worse.I don’t even care basically wouldn’t get any stuff, I simply like PvP, but I could’t play it because I’m getting piled by 5 people this means I’m constantly stunned runescape gold. *95pjijl6

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