I’m sure they must increase the risk for sign of protection

Because the release of eoc, the skulling system has become removed from the experience making it far more dangerous to visit around the wilderness. Since it stands, if you die, you’ll lose all items on death, until you have protect item on. It is a tad risky for a lot of pvpers as they can not risk as much as they used rs accounts to.

Precisely what when the skulling system returns? but a twist maybe? instead of getting the old 3+1 rule, why don’t you pass to ensure that if you’re UNSKULLED and afflict die, you can keep a minimum of 1 item only (+1 more with protect item)?

Again case a perception, also it means offhand items will be at less risk. And who knows, it might encourage lots more people an extra chance to pvp once more :o

I’m sure they must increase the risk for sign of protection are employed in the wilderness. This might allow most players to protect 2 items. That needs to be enough.I like no skull. The skull was too confusing and random.

I additionally prefer multi and single way areas instead of the toggle thing. The lines between may very well be clearly marked using a warning show up on the screen so you know in case you’re within a or multi runescape 2007 gold way area. *95pjijl6

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