Hope this process gets moved rather than locked

Okay guys I actually do suppose this is the slight rant, but i wouldn’t post it basically didn’t feel it must be implemented. Earlier today I used to be killing the Q.B.D and my electricity went out for no apparent reason. I log in as soon as i possibly can to get my gear back before my grave collapses, but with no success; I purchase rs gold there just in time to view some female character dual wielding Drygore Rapiers to teleport off with my bandos armor. That is certainly 17m gone in under 10 mins. Naturally I became extremely unhappy, high wasn’t even anything I could caused by stop it.

I didnt do anything whatsoever stupid like get lured, or make an effort to pk with full bandos, or anything like this; i used to be just playing a “safe” boss when something beyond any control forces me to shed so much of my progress i didnt even wanna play anymore. I fully believe if you are pking or even in the wild that you need to not lose any equipment. Dying alone is discouraging enough without losing the majority your dollars in conjunction with it. That is why I so many other players elect to just pvm, so we dont lose our money and equipment then something as uncontrollable being a power failure arrives and removes your entire progress. It’s to change it isn’t fair to get rid of a great deal over something you cant even control.

Hope this process gets moved rather than locked. Anyways, there are graves that last for fifteen minutes. This timer can even be extended when wielding an indication of respite. If you’ve been competent to login in 10 mins then you may have gotten your stuff back before it got dropped on a lawn.

Furthermore, you might be permitted keeping your three best items (or five the use of methods much like the protect item prayer + sign/portent of item). If you get to keep your three most effective items, losing one other items isn’t a strict penalty.

Lastly, PvM isn’t a secure technique of obtaining 07 rs gold. If it’s death by way of mistake expressed by a teammate, or death by something away from control (such as power failure), you’ve accepted the risk of being defeated through the boss and also the penalties that are included with it. You will know provided that some type of computer is started up, an influence outage could negatively impact your experience. In short: Regardless of how unfair death is, you’ve accepted the potential risk of it happening once you entered the boss room. *75pjijl6

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