I understand definitely it wasn’t as a way to create an item sink

Before posting things i had in mind though, I have to ask myself: What did Jagex might like to do on this update? Make a money sink? Create a product or service sink? Make dying a little less lenient? Or simply just annoy a lot of the 07 rs gold players?I wish I knew definitely, so that you can give you a proper solution, but I’ll check if I can manage with out them.

I understand definitely it wasn’t as a way to create an item sink, since all it does is speed the task a little bit for goods that already sink themselves when getting used, and I believe any player using a functioning brain could be careful enough to decide on to help keep them after they die, unless they might’t as a result of technical issues.

If conversely, their whole purpose was to only annoy a lot players (though I highly doubt it), then you can definitely proceed to disregard the remainder of this thread, because they managed that perfectly.

However, if your intention ended up being to produce a money sink, or simply just make dying less lenient and never a consistent free pass as it (allegedly) had been, however will often have a fix to any or all on this.

I haven’t done the most recent quest, Missing Presumed Death, but I recognize that (SPOILERS ALERT) at many point you will need to rescue Death, understanding that it’s ranked as Novice. That’s a RS Gold opportunity at that time. *75pjijl6

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