the game also enabled first in English

Can come to a fake shot action, and then plug in the back pass from teammate teammates to complete a shot. However, the defense system were modified accordingly. For example, you can schedule a little more players to exhaust the wall, and a player to go out after the whistle suicide Fengdang opponent’s kick.AI has been completely re-attack system. Computer-controlled players have better running routes, but also good at capturing the passing direction. Striker smarter, waiting for his teammates while passing over the defensive line will be moved to avoid offside.

Rutter also confirmed in addition to the above improvements, there will be other ways, such as adding a new ball, new goal celebrations and a new goalkeeper fighting action.Rutter also indicated a wish to improve referee system, and the audience cheered animation adjusted in line with contemporary football atmosphere. Rutter also mentioned this as the introduction of new Dimensional Imaging software to significantly improve picture effect.The annual Cologne International Game Show kicked off, EA’s latest exposure of the FIFA Coins trailer, and other platforms, announced a specific release date version of the game.

Games will be held Sept. 24 issue of the first in North America, landing PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms, and Android and iOS version is free.The FIFA 14 for mobile devices play a bold innovation, EA is designed for touch-screen devices for the first time to create a control scheme, abandoned the virtual joystick and buttons, replaced by a click, slide and a long series of gestures by. For example, the touch screen can be selected players, players can click on passing and defense, the slide can be shot.Meanwhile, the game of the league, the team, the stadium and online gaming environment will be further improved, in addition, the game also enabled first in English, French, German and other languages.But, unfortunately, did not disclose Fifa 14 Coins EA mobile version of the specific release date, may be released together with the console version. 89780lsa

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