the “game day” feature extended seasons with the cooperation model season

EA in the current exhibition in Cologne’s sports competition on new work Cheap FIFA Coins¬†publicity can be described as quite a place, not only published a large number of screenshots of the game, but also specifically provides game Demo demo.In addition to providing demo outside in FIFA 14 is still a lot of games released show information. Which is worthy of our attention a FIFA 14 will join a new online game modes: Cooperative League season. All players can team up with another friend, and another pair of players 2v2 online confrontation. The game will be ranked according to the player record ratings, players will be low to high, all the way to hit the top level league, jointly won the honors and achievements.

In addition, the “game day” feature extended seasons with the cooperation model season, the game of football players in the football game and reality associated, in reality, the players performance will be reflected in real-time co-league season game. Such as Gareth Bale if the state is better, and that his “game day” Data on the changes will be reflected in the FIFA 14 on-line mode.In addition to the above information outside of the game, EA also announced that this year’s FIFA 14 will also landed PSV, but also because of the characteristics of handheld game requires little modification, which is on the inside of the players re-modeled. Again, however EA PSV version of the game will be to provide Members with the same excellent gaming experience.¬†89780lsa

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