Questing is a good method of getting gold and items

From the guides you can get useful tips such as this:

Choose Mining and Skinning as your two professions. Killing animals is incredibly all to easy to do while you are out grinding and questing. Mines are quite easy to find in World of Warcraft, so choosing a short amount of time to try and do some mining after which it selling off of the ore is a superb way to buy wow gold. Marketing the gold or skins with the idea to merchant or in the Ah.

Questing is a good method of getting gold and items, especially in the beginning. Since many quests provide a choice in rewards, you possibly can choose what item you desire. Your choice could be depending on a product that will serve your character out or a product or service that may cost a top price.

Spending money on the best gear for the characters at the beginning is a waste. Save the bucks and use the loot and rewards from quests to equip your character to the first 40 levels approximately.Kill humanoids. They tend to decrease gold and items more than other creatures in WoW.

Defias Windmill is excellent destination to do gold farming just about any level. Should you navigate to the WoW Gold Coast area in Westfall, there is a windmill with a hill. Below the windmill, you can observe a murloc camp. Surrounding the windmill really are a mass of Defias mobs. Because these are humanoids, they are going to drop a lot of linen cloth as well as other good loot. djfls0lw

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