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There seemed to be this strange feel for it. It’s difficult to describe, it wasn’t better or worse than new rs gold, well I say that enjoy new RuneScape tons more but old RuneScape was just different. My personal favorite memory really needs to be meeting my number of years friends.I believe kalphite queen for a drag chain was like 14m and king black dragon as a boss. Little one the god war dungeon id like it to return to when the adds or dragon maul would have been a ko weapon or magic short bow and barrage that hit max hit was 30 and held for a short period barrage is really a waste of time now it doesn’t freeze anything and takes forever to attain.

I and these 4 other guys I met in 2007 within this amazing game are already friends since. I miss when there were a great deal people playing the ones were kind back then. Today everyone can be so narcissi and lame. I miss the favorable and original holiday events. Now all events are similar to “chose the 10 thing chances are you’ll wants’ which is so unoriginal. I miss the previous armors that looked simple but perfect.Now look at something from before this dumb EOC crap and solomans.

you are not power to post on form can vote this way you involve people that once had members but no longer get it (like folks that quit after things got crazy after 2007) in addition to those people who are F2P which are clearly devoted enough to get high enough levels to voice their opinion within the forms. I’m so happy it is happening. I loved gaming for this version the government financial aid 06 and 07. The experience actually still good until soon after the GE was launched though. Around that year, it was perfect (2011). My faith have been reinstated in Jagex. Many of the new dumb EOC stuff and solomans you lather onto Face book gets like 400 likes. 9&68ka

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