Maybe you’ve seen anyone claim this way?

Have your BS filter fully switched on. The claims made by some guide producers usually are not just difficult to believe, they may be against all logic and evidence. Here’s a fact. Blizzard themselves, in interview, even as December 19th 2009 have stated. Categorically, that on no account anywhere, on any realm, or any server, has someone got two characters to cheap wow gold cap. It’s got never happened. Period.

Maybe you’ve seen anyone claim this way? Bear this at heart when it comes to buying from them. Also consider why anyone would even bother to get it done. With one character at ‘cap, you run out of what you should buy. You could have all 10 possible characters thereon realm at level 80, and equip these with two sets of the very best gear, and allow them the most expensive mounts each, and also you still wouldn’t utilize 214,000+ gold that you had, Why do it twice?

Or as some claim more(a) twice? If you do not were likely to utilize the gold to perform things away from ToS, what would the purpose be? A huge selection of hours of additional grinding, Ah manipulation for what? Take these unrealistic (and Blizzard denounced) claims that has a massive pinch of salt, and treat anyone making them with utmost suspicion.

You may notice information advertised basic claims, next , i direct you to definitely Blizzards interview of 19th December 2009. Blizzard, the games producers. People who own and manage every official WoW server, say it offers never happened. Make your own personal mind up.

It’s not to express you couldn’t mock up a couple of characters using a private server to really make it seem like we were holding at gold cap. That has to be really easy. Private servers are generally very laggy (as they are keep going a shoestring budget) so that could be a piece to take a look out for. If yourrrve been keen you could even set up a server client on yogurt own PC. 9&68ka


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