Runescape Requires A Key To Guest In A CC

Well, this is an idea not a quest. It is open to any well-thought-out suggestions. Runescape requires a key to guest in a cc. What does that mean? However, I don’t know either until I read the whole idea. So if you wanna know it like I do, read the following article. Why do you need this Deadman mode 07 Gold ? To get rid of trolls, especially ones that use a slighly varied username by, for example, changing a number at the end of their name. Our clan chats in Runescape should have more “security measures”, as it’s extremely easy to tamper with another clan chat. Simply but allowing guests at all is troublesome as maybe you just want to join some friends without the commitment. Why the current system doesn’t work? It can’t ban usernames that aren’t created yet, so say you try to ban “troll88″, but troll88 hasn’t even been created yet and they’ll allowed to make & use it until they’re actually created and get banned from chat.dsaregnyt

So you basically have to patrol your CC and wait for them to join so you know who to ban. For example, you ban “troll88″, but you can’t ban “troll77″ until it’s created. So someone creates “troll77″, enters the CC and can say whatever they please until they’re banned. This is an unnecessary hassle. Solutions: for guests, require a key that can either be a phrase or a set of numbers that you enter. You can use the bank pin system or, even better, something you just type in, like the CC name. And you don’t have to enter it every single time. Once you’re in, your in until the clan leader/admin changes it again. Obviously, this update would be optional; so if a clan wanted, they can opt out of this system. An update such as this would solve the headaches of any clan that has trolls that come in often to try to disrupt the clan, especially if a clan is not actively recruiting and is content not having completely new faces join the chat. This would help change clan chats to be a more secure, more amicable place.

Would this system work for clan chats? Only if the system was updated by one of you and we will see the outcomes.

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