Dallas Mavericks Overcom Philadelphia 76ers

The most up-to-date cheap 2k16 ps4 coins news via cheapnbamtcoins.com that Dallas Mavericks beat Philadelphia 76ers 129 to 103 at home to end their two-game losing streak. Philadelphia 76ers suffer four-game losing streak.ghfifads
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In simple fact, 76ers take the lead inside first quarter nevertheless are outscored with the Mavericks in the other quarter. Mavericks expand the lead inside third quarter and win the action at last. Mavericks power onward Dirk Nowitzki standing 18 points within this game. His full points of the career are around 29000 points, and he turns into the sixth player the master of such a file in NBA record.

It is worth mentioning that this 76ers rookie Jahlil Okafor becomes 31 points inside game which will be the highest scores throughout his career. After that match, Dallas Mavericks rank sixth inside western conference kitchen table with 30 is the winner and 27 cutbacks, while Philadelphia 76ers rank last inside eastern conference kitchen table with 8 is the winner and 47 cutbacks. 2kvc hope both teams are able to do better in up coming game.

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