Do 2K Sports Lay To NBA 2K16 Enthusiasts?

Back in 2014, the state “2K16 PC Coins” Tweets account created the promise to its fans when it ever strike 1 million fans on Twitter, 2K Sports would to produce diamond player for that game’s My Group mode.
After all of us hit 1 zillion followers on Tweets, we will to produce Diamond player every day and night that day (timed signal). Let’s allow it to be happen!
My Group is actually “NBA 2K’s” card-collecting mode (similar to “Madden” and “FIFA’s” Greatest Team) as well as diamond cards would be the highest-rated cards you can obtain. The cards will also be pretty really hard to obtain.

When the Tweets account hit 1 zillion fans this 7 days, “NBA 2K” fans have been ready for their own cost-free diamond credit cards. As an option, absolutely everyone obtained a locker signal (an in-game code to obtain a random item). With the locker code, a fan might unlock a gemstone player but far generally, they unlock the shirt or sneakers as well as a tattoo.

Why did 2K Sports back from its finish within the deal? Properly, prior to a 2015 twitter from @Ronnie2K, 2K’s social networking spokesperson, the deal was just for “NBA 2K14. ” In the event you never recall which tweet, that is merely because it was reaction to 1 individual also it was only retweeted four occasions.
Due towards the fact then, fans have been visibly upset on Twitter and also have even began a good “#Unfollow2K” campaign upon Twitter. Because from the hashtag, “NBA 2K’s” Tweets account is back beneath a particular million and at the moment sits at “999K” fans.

Is 2K incorrect in this circumstance? Legally, not likely. The present was made when the Tweets account was called “NBA 2K 2K14, ” but 2K Sports is unquestionably incorrect in the eyes of the fans. What would you believe regarding the entire circumstance? Let us know inside the comments below.

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