Trade system in Blackdesert Silver Powerleveling

According to the official website of the MMORPG Black Desert, Daum had confirmed that the game will hit the Korean Market this year. Black Desert will most likely release in December, the Open Beta should start at the end of this Month or early December, but there are still no any information about a western beta, while Daum will possibly start paying attention to Blackdesert Silver Powerleveling the western market next year and launch this game as soon as possible. Absolutely, this news had brought up a strong critical judgment from most western players. Some critical comments are as follows.


Trade system in black desert is purchasing the cheap goods in a place, then by walking, mounts, carriage; sell such goods to other regions which are short of these goods, to exploit the difference in pricing. You can be rich in game through trading, and needn’t to keep killing monsters and instances like other games. However, for trading, you only need to cost one contribution point to join two villages.

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