Add variety to Black desert silver for sale


Currently there are four confirmed classes in Black Desert: Rangers, Warriors, Sorcerer, and Predators considering the current role-establishment interface had opened on the official site, Except for four classes to choose, no much customization options for the character, only provides the face and hair. Today, let us go to look at the first two classes: Rangers and Warriors.Ranger are a ranged class, weapons as bows and arrows, but also can attack at short range by moving and kicking.They’re specialists in dexterity, with good eyes and high hit ratio.


They are melee fighters who are able to deftly bring down their enemies, armed with a sword and shield, good at kill a bunch of monsters. Though he is wearing heavy armor he’s still very fast and flexible.Today we will go to look at the good-looking equipment painting screenshots of black Desert online. The game offers a wonderful painting system and this system allows you to change your armor’s color your armor. But armor is not only costumes. I guanteen that black desert is the right game for you, if you like design your unique character on Black desert silver for sale the right place.

Add variety to your everyday suit was decided by the gallant soldier, who have tried several options of colors. Brown shirt gives the appearance of a sense of modesty and light vintage style. Dazzling silver armor is in combination with a shirt color of venous blood which looks impressive and charismatic. Elegant armor color delicate fuchsia, refreshing lemon and cool blue color lovers catchy style.

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