Giant agreed to Black Desert Powerleveling

Giant agreed to volunteer and try to stay on for a new system of painting clothes. His brutal barbarian costume alternately painted in a strict black, noble white, causing red-orange and cheerful yellow. Admire that came of this idea:Your new dress is alomst similar to all, but changing gear well made with great reluctance characteristics.You can do as our witch, changing the style with a new feature in the Black Desert such as painting clothes.In addition to Black Desert Powerleveling  the standard black, try to calm emerald color with a smear of turquoise, timeless white, blood red, and allows excellent marsh masked group.


The beautiful elf looks amazing in all colors.Besides, you are also used my favorite combination of gray (representing the secrecy) and green (love of nature).The player is first to see the BOSS comes from the dark elves task,you can automatically derive the props to summon BOSS when you proceed to about level 13, within the prescribed area,use the props to call the BOSS, and it’s very weak so that you can kill it independently.However you just finished the task and nothing to pick up.The luxurious gold charm coupled with maroon dress always distinguish you from the crowd, calm and gentle violet range and so on.

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