It’s more important to Black Desert Powerleveling

Before heading into each individual class please keep in mind that due to the combat system of Black Desert, a high amount of personal skill is involved in your actual combat ability. You might read a lot of different guides for the class you picked to play yet one should not simply copy the build of Black Desert Powerleveling  another person.

It’s more important to understand the decision that player made in his choices and his style. Doing that instead of simply copying a build will allow you to adapt the information you got into your own unique play style allowing you to maximize the skills of yours while being fun to play for you.


Depending on your play style and the skills you prefer to you to maximize your personal combat ability both arguments are valid. Even more opinions on what is best for a class are equipment choices and skill rotations. Dare to create your own build instead of copy pasting builds from other people!

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