There has been a lot of Black Desert Powerleveling

To develop the MMORPG Black Desert, as our first title, we spent an entire year on concept design for the game, prototyping and developing our own 3D engine. Since then, it has taken another two years to develop the main system of the game.There has been a lot of talk about combat in your game. Can you sum up your combat system for Western Players? What elements set it apart from other MMOs? I was a big fan of 2D based fighting games such as Street Fighter, Final Fight, and Samurai Showdown, but it has proven difficult to bring the fighting action of Black Desert Powerleveling  those games to 3D MMORPGs.


Unlike other MMORPGs, we have attempted to facilitate greater variety in action combat sequences beyond simply pressing number keys.In action games, the timing of pressing a key and a mouse click, as well as a monster’s reaction against the user’s attack, is extremely important.We are trying to develop our game so that players must purposefully control their character and so that objects or monsters react in a more complex manner.

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