The new system Blackdesert Gold sale

Some time ago, Pearlbyss discloses its game “Black Desert” Awakening of weapons systems. The new system will not only bring new cool various occupations weapons, but also to unlock powerful skills of each profession. Recently, the “Black Desert” and described in detail for the players Weapon three months vocational awakening. “Reaper’s sickle” is the awakening of the female shaman weapon. Sickle allowed her to slow down enemies and beheaded them one by one. Of course, increasing the sorceress sickle attack range, making it possible to Blackdesert Gold sale  create more AOE damage. Giants from the improved Tekken cannon weapon as his awakening. With this deadly iron fist, giant can cause more damage to a single target. Awakening of weapons and fighters are big sword. Unfortunately, there is no disclosure of weapons used by warriors months after awakening new skills.


Also official also disclosed new information about the new system “awakening weapons”, “Black Desert” will increase in the future four vocational awakening weapon systems. Awakening of weapons means that the players in addition to the primary and secondary weapons, will also join the awakening of a weapon slot to equip new weapons, which can display more action. Such as the original soldiers as a weapon is a short sword and a shield, the sword could join hands after awakening.

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