There will be class or in this case ap warfare, haves and have nots

Point 2 this point demands that NC soft lower the requirements of the game basically cutting farming materials to half like instead of 190 stingers you need only 50. This method is also co-opted by putting materials in dailies again and I mean a considerable amount. The positive being that the game is equalized but no one gets a jump start. The negative is this will jaded the other players who invested alot of time into getting to breeze level.
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Point 3 the Legalized discrimination basically if you put ap limits on dungeons you will ensure the demise of the game. There will be class or in this case ap warfare, haves and have nots. People say you dont need 500+ ap to do dungeons with all due respect that is a lie I have tried to do the yeti 20 times with ap 400+ and all times i lost. Not because the others were not familiar with mechanics but our combined dps was not enough its gotten so bad I have to discriminate against ap 400+ to the point 4 out my party must be 500+ if not I just quit while I am ahead. The ap requirement like block us off from even the sliver of hope to beat these dungeons and I am NOT going to farm to get that high this game is supposed to be fun not a chore. The rift will get so bad that the people who are high will stay high and the people who are low will continue to be low and then they WILL Quit and you will lose people.

The only option I think we should do is point 1 even though i hate the idea of freebies but I hate being left behind even more I love this game but in all honesty if point or 2 is not implemented soon we are going to see a crash and very soon.
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