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Since i started in the NA region and i been lagging badly

Since i started in the NA region and i been lagging badly, the only reason i am playing there is just because of my friends, sadly all of them quit the game for different reasons, Cheap RoI Gold For Sale  it doesn’t matter i still like the game so i stayed and i am now a Warlock, h. m 11 with 702 AP.
I am an EU player who plays on NA server, i suffer alot from ping issues, you can imagine how bad it is for me, i can’t experince the game the way NA players do, i can’t pvp, i can’t do infinity tower, i can’t even beat Naksun in Mushin tower, so yeah that’s how bad it is for me.

I have made several tickets but most of the answers are just copy and paste, there is no need to get into that so i have decided to quit the NA server and start playing in EU from scratch.
My question is, will there be a region server transfer in the future? i know they are working on a server transfer but i am not sure if its going to be a region or just a transfer within region, not to mention there are many NCsoft games that have allowed region server transfer after a while.

So please any GM answer me, Will there be in the future? because i don’t wanna work hard and pay money all over again on stuff on EU server then after a year a server region transfer gets released, that will be a slap in my face.

NCsoft is not greedy, they don’t care about money more than players, they have helped many free players before, and most of them are my friends and they don’t pay anything, trust me they follow rules, they are not evil.

I just feel bad for the amount of money i put on NA xD i have participated in every event they have released started from Master Pack to trove, to the recent event, i never gave up on supporting the game.

Relax no EU player will leave his EU server to play on NA or the opposite, got it? it will be impossible, only a fool would do that, nobody will sacrfice his good ping to a laggy server region.

Transfer can have a time limit, maybe once a year or twice a year, they can decide rules for it, there are many solution, i have told you before, your kind of players are just limited to ideas, you only rage and go toxic mode without thinking.

Ping is very important in Blade And Soul, did i make a mistake playing in the NA server? yes ofc, but we all do mistakes, so what? end of the world? no, every problem have a solution.

They are already working on server transfers they mentioned it on stream, but will it have region transfers? i don’t know, they didn’t say any details.

There will be class or in this case ap warfare, haves and have nots

Point 2 this point demands that NC soft lower the requirements of the game basically cutting farming materials to half like instead of 190 stingers you need only 50. This method is also co-opted by putting materials in dailies again and I mean a considerable amount. The positive being that the game is equalized but no one gets a jump start. The negative is this will jaded the other players who invested alot of time into getting to breeze level.
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Point 3 the Legalized discrimination basically if you put ap limits on dungeons you will ensure the demise of the game. There will be class or in this case ap warfare, haves and have nots. People say you dont need 500+ ap to do dungeons with all due respect that is a lie I have tried to do the yeti 20 times with ap 400+ and all times i lost. Not because the others were not familiar with mechanics but our combined dps was not enough its gotten so bad I have to discriminate against ap 400+ to the point 4 out my party must be 500+ if not I just quit while I am ahead. The ap requirement like block us off from even the sliver of hope to beat these dungeons and I am NOT going to farm to get that high this game is supposed to be fun not a chore. The rift will get so bad that the people who are high will stay high and the people who are low will continue to be low and then they WILL Quit and you will lose people.

The only option I think we should do is point 1 even though i hate the idea of freebies but I hate being left behind even more I love this game but in all honesty if point or 2 is not implemented soon we are going to see a crash and very soon.
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